Home Exercise Tools

At retirement age, staying in shape is extremely important for your overall health. Working out doesn’t have to be difficult or unenjoyable, in fact, there are many ways you can get a great workout in right in your own home. Always talk to your doctor first about exercise routines and any additional Medicare supplement plans you should look into.


Medicine Ball

The Medicine Ball is a great and timeless exercise tool everyone should have in their home. They are fairly cheap and barely take up any space in your house. You can get them in various weights and sizes, from only a few pounds all the way up to over 30 pounds. They’re great for simply holding onto during the course of various exercises. You hold it during air squats, sit ups, lunges, going up steps, torso twists, rotating around your body, etc. Use it to add a little resistance during virtually any exercise that can be done hands free.


Yoga Mat

Many weightless, free weight, or calisthenic exercises you might want to do may involve putting your body on the floor. To focus on doing the exercise properly, and without causing pain to your joints or the bonier parts of your body, get yourself a nice foam Yoga Mat – even if you don’t plan on doing any Yoga. They’re cheap, roll up nicely for storage, and they’re comfortable. It may not seem like a lot, but it could make a world of difference on your spine when doing a sit up compared to a hardwood floor.

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Free Weights

Free weights don’t have to be extremely heavy, you can find them as light as about 2.5 pounds. Having a few different weight levels of free weights is great to add resistance to various basic movements or calisthenic exercises. Doing arm movements or body stretches, air squats, sit ups, etc., try holding some light weight while you do it. Similar to holding a Medicine Ball during exercises, but some exercises may be too difficult to perform with a large ball rather than a smaller free weight.


Pull Up Bar

If you can safely do pull ups, there are cheap bars that fit nicely onto the molding of your door frame. Some you don’t even have to drill holes for, they just rest on the frame. These bars are great for doing pull ups of course, but they are also great for hanging on or giving your muscles a nice stretch.