Before Buying Medicare Supplement Plans You Should Know the Details


Have you bought your medical insurance yet? Does it cover the entire cost of medical expenses? Does it have any other facilities? It is sure that whatever medical insurance you have bought it doesn’t cover 100% cost. So having a Medicare supplement plans side-by-side with your Medicare can give you full coverage of medical expenses.

How does Medicare advantage plans work?  These answers can be found at

Medigap is medical policies that are being provided by private insurance companies. Medicare plans can cover the 80% of your medical cost but remain 20% is your headache. Sometimes it is so high that you might need to rethink about facilities are being provided for you. For example, cancellation of skilled nurse cares. But none should compromise on health.

That remaining 20 % of the cost can be deductible by Medicare supplement plans. It is an individual plan which is not applicable independently. Medigap plans only work with original Medicare plans (Except part C). It works as coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles.

What are the plans in Medigap?

Medigap only used to cut down the loopholes in the Medicare plans. The ten Medigap plans are perfectly constructed to fill up the entire nooks in Medicare. There are some basic amenities that include in every Medicare supplement plans.

  • Part A and Part B coinsurance, copayments, and deductibles.
  • Skilled Nurse care
  • Foreign travel emergency
  • First 3 pits blood
  • Policy for only one person

Apart from that, there are customizable with some other benefits in the Medigap plans. With basic features plan A is the most reliable and cheap. And the highest sold plan is plan F which covers all most all gaps in Medicare policies.

What are the things that you must check before purchasing Medigap plans?

  • Your age. You must not be under 65.
  • Having a plan A and plan B Medicare is required.
  • Compare all Medigap policies and decide your premium (it depends upon policy and state)
  • Medigap is offered by private insurance hub and Medicare is a government insurance plan. This is the reason that you have to pay two premiums.
  • Check your states’ insurance policy.
  • Check which Medigap plan offered by your state.

When you can’t have any Medigap policy?    

There are two main conditions where you can’t buy any Medigap policy.

  • If you do not have Part A and Part B medical insurance.
  • If you have applied for Part C Medicare plan of USA government.